Episode 10: 2003/7 Daddy Day Care/Camp

Bob brings back Eric, Jose, and Mikey A to talk two of the three Daddy Day... movies (none of us wanted to get near Grand-Daddy Day Care). Daddy Day Camp (2007) was the worst movie of its year with 13 on Metacritic! Daddy Day Care, oddly enough, was the 74th of 2003, but we talk it anyway!
Listen as we get confused over which Daddy Day Care/Camp movie we are currently talking about! Bob of City of Geek (www.cityofgeek.com), Eric from Strange Aeons Radio Podcast (www.strangeaeons.com), Jose of Cinematic Bandicoot (add .com) and Mike of just being himself talk 2007's Worst Movie of the Year and it's just fine predecessor form 2003.